the life-changin magic of tidying up

It Doesn’t Bring Me Joy, Now What Do I Do With All This Sh*t? The Ultimate Guide on How to Konmari Responsibly.

You've watched every episode on Netflix, ripped your house apart like the apocalypse is coming, and now you're quite literally knee deep in a pile of things that don't spark joy. Read on for the ultimate guide on how to Konmari responsibly.

All Roads to Unique, Witty, and Handmade Treasures Lead to ShopCraft

Every year the holidays roll around and I'm immediately in search of the best gifts to give and the most unique items to dress up our house with.  From Friendsgiving to Christmas, I always love to shop local and find new items to make each moment feel a little merrier, brighter and festive- both to … Continue reading All Roads to Unique, Witty, and Handmade Treasures Lead to ShopCraft

DIY Bike Basket/Shopping Basket

THANK YOU TO LIFE STORAGE FOR SPONSORING THIS BLOG POST! THE OPINIONS I SHARED AND MATERIALS I USED ARE MY OWN. At one point or another (probably while browsing Pinterest with a glass of wine!), I've had a vision of heading to the local farmers market on my bike, taking in all that summer has to offer. … Continue reading DIY Bike Basket/Shopping Basket

How to Make a Decorative Basket Out of Newspaper

Looking for a fun and easy DIY project for the whole family to get your mind of the chilly winter weather? Chances are you have all the supplies available to you already; newspaper, cardboard, and a few other craft supplies! Learn how to make a basket out of newspaper on the LifeStorage blog! Check out our video below for a sneak look at the process!

the life-changin magic of tidying up

Slaying My “Year Of Less” Using The KonMari Method

I have a confession to make and (full disclosure) this may be a huge shock to those of you who know me.  I...have actual book.  This is a significant moment because when I normally attempt to read a book, I'm asleep precisely 2-3 minutes later. Guilty as charged. I lovingly blame my friend Karen … Continue reading Slaying My “Year Of Less” Using The KonMari Method

Sustainable Sunday Begins! January Edition

The idea behind starting Sustainable Sunday came from the wish to share sustainable items I use, DIY projects I make, and other tips that help achieve the goal of living a sustainable, ecofrindly lifestyle.  I hope it will inspire and motivates others to do the same, as well as encourage conversation around the topic!  It'll … Continue reading Sustainable Sunday Begins! January Edition

Five Projects to Make Your Picnic Game Strong

Something about packing a picnic and finding a local green space is very enticing and lovely. Check out these five (super easy!) projects I tackled to help you make your picnic game go from zero to hero on the Uncle Bob's Self Storage blog!