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Green living here at haus2home means living in a way that has as minimal negative environmental impact on our earth as possible.  Being conscious about reducing the amount of waste you produce, reusing as much as possible, and recycling/upcycling are just a few examples of how you can live green.  For other ideas about green living, see the links at the bottom of this page.

 Green Living: Being ResourcefulThe buyerarchy of needs

Next time you think of going to the store, think again!  You will not only save money by being resourceful, but you will help simplify and keep your home less cluttered.  Yes, we will always need to shop for new things as they get worn out, or break, but take a look at how you can live a green life!   We love this clever “buyerarchy of needs” image!

Our favorite Reusable Products

IMG_6724Reusable produce bags.  They are light, see-through, and washable.  The produce stickers adhere right on to the outside of the bag, so you don’t have to worry about check-out time! We found these particular ones on amazon.

Reusable shopping bags. 
You’ve seen reusable bags at every grocery store, expo, and giveaway tent there is these past couple of years.  Take advantage of scooping some up – most of the time for free!  Use them for shopping, storage, camping, closet organization and more!   Our favorites are our Wegmans bags!

Reusable sandwich/lunch bags.  They can go in the dishwasher and you won’t have to buy sandwich bags ever again.  Need I say more? Lunch Skins.


Recycling & Why it’s Imperative Recycling is an important portion of green living.  A lot of people are not sure what can be recycled and what can’t be recycled.  Well, if you live in the Western New York area, I’ve made it so easy for you! Just check the list below for your town’s  “Waste … Continue reading Recycling

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