Recycling & Why it’s Imperative

Recycling is an important portion of green living.  A lot of people are not sure what can be recycled and what can’t be recycled.  Well, if you live in the Western New York area, I’ve made it so easy for you! Just check the list below for your town’s  “Waste and Recycling Sites” to look up things like what can go in your recycling bin, what day is your town pickup and what kind of impact recycling can make for you and your town. Did you know that recycling is CHEAPER than dispensing garbage? Its true.  So why should you care about that? Cheaper for your town means less spending on garbage waste and more spending on programming and other services.  Need further convincing that recycling is cool?  Watch this!

Recycling Information 

For those of you who live in New York State, you can also use this handy site to find recycling centers just by entering your zipcode!

If you don’t live in New York, you can find your town’s information by googling “_city_, __state__ + recycling program”

Erie County, New York: Waste, Refuse and Recycling Sites
Amherst, NY           Recycling Flyer
Alden, NY 
Aurora, NY
Boston, NY
Brant, NY
Buffalo, NY               Electronics Recycling Flyer
Cheektowaga, NY   Recycling Flyer
Colden, NY
Eden, NY                  Recycling Flyer
Evans, NY
Grand Island, NY
Hamburg, NY
Holland, NY             Recycling Site
Kenmore, NY
Lancaster, NY 
Marilla, NY
Newstead, NY   
Orchard Park, NY
Tonawanda, NY       Why Recycling Works Flyer
Village of WIlliamsville

Niagara County, New York: Waste and Recycling Site
Niagara County Site

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