A Day for Upping DIY Skills with The UpSkill Project

This post is sponsored by Lowes. The thoughts and opinions are my own. Have you ever worked on a DIY project and found yourself stuck on a step? Or maybe there was a tool necessary to complete your project, but you were just too intimidated to use it? I can speak from personal experience that … Continue reading A Day for Upping DIY Skills with The UpSkill Project

Bathroom Renovation: Update 2

I was afraid the next part of the renovation would coincide with the lyrics from the new Pompeii song, "And the walls came tumblin' down..." Luckily that wasn't the case. Since our last post when we gutted the place, we have been busy piecing things back together. First, we had some wood to fix and … Continue reading Bathroom Renovation: Update 2

Bathroom Renovation: Update

It's been a month of showering in our basement bathroom.  Although I've become very acquainted with that bathroom over the past 30 days, I'm ready to have our main bathroom back in the mix! Last time we updated you on our bathroom progress, we were in the dreamy idea phase.  You know, the time when … Continue reading Bathroom Renovation: Update

Laundry Room Re-do

1950's homes usually all have the similar basement laundry situation.  Ugly pipes, a cold floor and a rusty smelly old sink. We wanted to soften ours up and make for a nicer, cleaner "laundry room" experience.  So without further introduction, here is the progression of how we re-did our laundry room for a only couple … Continue reading Laundry Room Re-do