It Doesn’t Bring Me Joy, Now What Do I Do With All This Sh*t? The Ultimate Guide on How to Konmari Responsibly.

You’ve watched every episode on Netflix, ripped your house apart like the apocalypse is coming, and now you’re quite literally knee deep in a pile of things that don’t spark joy. Read on for the ultimate guide on how to Konmari responsibly.

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Organizing Your Entryway

I teamed up with Valu Home Centers again and provided them this post for their new blog!  Check it out – its another awesome resource for DIY love. September means everyone is back-to-school!  Back-to-school comes with a lot of shoes, coats, bags, umbrellas and who knows what else strewn about in your entryway and house. …

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Creating Storage in Unexpected Places

While doing our basement renovation, we realized we wanted to make the best use out of the entire space. Our basement is going to be used in many different ways in the years to come; a laundry room, a gym, a craft room, a stockpile, an entertainment space, a playroom (someday), oh and a 3-piece…

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