It’s always tough to find that perfect present for mother’s day, so this year I decided to make all the mother’s in my life their presents.  It seemed to be the right thing to do to give them all gifts made with an extra sprinkle of love. 🙂

Moms WreathI decided to make the mothers my most popular item here at haus2home – the personalized grapevine wreaths! I made three wreaths total, one for my mom, one for my sister Stacey and one for my new mother-in-law, Laurie.

My mom and dad have a really neat white door at their house, so I knew really no matter what colors, I picked, they would look nice on the white.  My mother-in-law has a white house so that worked out really well too!  I decided to use the same type of flowers on both of their wreaths.  Taking blue and white hydrangeas (my favorite!), with some smaller pink flowers, I had the perfect combination.  The blue hydrangea had a tint of pink on the edges, so it was a great marriage of colors!

My sister has a really pretty new house with a dark brown wood finish on the outside of it, so I MothersDaydecided to be daring and use a pop of color. I went with bright pink and white peony flowers.  They were so pretty and it turned out really cute.  Simple and glamorous!

I gave them all their wreaths on Mother’s day and they loved them! I can’t wait to see them hanging at all of their respective homes!

Happy mother’s day to all of our followers!  We hope you had a great day yesterday! (Sorry for the tardy post, but I couldn’t give away the secret of what I was giving the mother’s in my life!)

Posted by:Jackie Hausler of haus2home

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