So if you’re on Pinterest, you know it’s the epicenter for brides in wedding planning mode.  It’s really not even fair for them actually.  There are literally thousands of fantastic ideas and naturally when you have an average of a year or so to plan a wedding, you want to do EVERYTHING.  From the decoration ideas, to the hair styles to the final details…it’s a lot to handle.  When I was a bride, Pinterest had recently come into my life as a true addiction.  I snatched up some great ideas from other brides on there and had my little wedding pins section.  I even created a pin after our wedding through Buffalo Brides of one of my own projects-our photo board guest book!  :::Insert DIY proud moment here:::buffalo brides

I seriously can’t even imagine how many more ideas there are now just in this past year. Wait, yes I can. ; )

This past weekend I attended a wedding for a friend of mine who I met in graduate school at Buffalo State College.  (Go Bengals!) For the past year, I’ve seen the brides pinning activity on my Facebook news feed show up quite frequently, so I knew it was going to be the best Pinterest wedding of 2013.

They had a private ceremony and the anticipation to get to the reception was killing me.  I couldn’t wait to see the product of all her hard work and planning come to life! When my friends and I arrived at the reception, we were overwhelmed with all the great things she had done. I mean she literally thought of everything and I kind of couldn’t stop taking pictures.  Their favorite songs and sayings were sprinkled around the room, three different guest book ideas, photos and burlap galore, personalized and monogrammed…well everything.  We even got Mason jars as wedding favors and they doubled as your glasses to drink out of for the night.  Genius, right?!  I knew that I had died and went to Pinterest heaven.

Since I can’t explain all of the prodigy bride things that occurred without passing out, I’ll show you.

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  apps photostable


Pretty awesome, right?! She did a great job and deserves the praise! Any bride knows how much time and effort goes into planning.  I feel like she should be rewarded with a vacation perhaps.  Maybe to Mexico?  Rumor has it she and her new husband are there on what they are calling a “honeymoon”…or something like that. 😉

I was so incredibly happy for them-you could tell by the smile on their faces that it was the best day of their lives.  It was a beautiful day with a great reminder of what true love, loyalty, friendship and trust is all about.  Thank you Eva and Chris!

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