Preparing for a New Bathroom

Picture this: Our home is a 1950’s build and most of the bathroom is ORIGINAL (or slightly updated) to the home.  That means, Pepto Bismol colored shower tile, tile that  goes practically from the floor to the ceiling , really beat up fixtures and furniture, and to top it off 2 or three layers of  floor tile on the ground.  This is not a photo of our actual bathroom, but it is scary close. Our vanity is next to the tub but we want to switch to this layout.  (By the way if you search 1950s pink bathroom tile, its good for a laugh.)

After living in the house for nearly 3 years, we are finally listening to the bathroom’s cries for help, and are preparing for a new bathroom.  Let’s be honest, 50 years of showers, baths and guests to the powder room isn’t exactly easy on a space.  As much as it excites me to say we’re redoing the room, it also terrifies me.  We are going to do most of the work ourselves including completely gutting the entire bathroom down to the studs, removing and saving as much as we can and re-doing everything from the plumbing to the tiling.

Tom and I have been thinking about this re-do for a long time, maybe TOO long. Here’s some of the design concepts we’ve come up with.  They are not final decisions because we still have a month to change our minds, but its close enough for a preview.  A big shout out goes to Houzz for helping us pick our options.  If  you don’t have the app, its basically the equivalent of not being on Pinterest, which also means you have stopped breathing. 😉

Floor tile options

Option A floor tile: basket weave

(Here’s another, better view)
Option B floor tile: Honeycomb
Option C floor tile: chevron
Vanity Options
We have a bathroom that’s on the smaller side and we need the new vanity to be a specific measurement to fit, while maximizing as much space and storage options as possible.  After a long time looking for the perfect one, we think we are doing to make our own!  Here are some ideas for inspiration.
Option A vanity: Grey paint with light top
Option B vanity: Dark wood stain with light top (Ours would model after the first 1/3 of this one)
Option 3 vanity: White with dark top
Shower Tile Options
Option 1 shower tile:
Option 2 shower tile:
Option 3 shower tile:
Other Design Elements:
We’re going to go with a white tub and toilet, and brushed nickel or chrome for fixtures which we have picked out from Lowe’s, just like this!
  Pfister Ashfield Polished Chrome 1-Handle Single Hole WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet (Drain Included)
We are also going to reuse our current lighting.  It looks very similar to this:
Westmore Lighting 3-Light Landisville Chrome Bathroom Vanity Light
For the walls we are going to skip floor to ceiling this time and go with a bead board or wainscoting to finish off the look.  Most of our house is painted with light colors, but we are thinking we may go with a deep blue on this one for the parts of the walls that aren’t bead board or wainscoting.  Maybe, just maybe.
Stay tuned for more updates!  Have a suggestion for us?  We would love to hear from you.

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