Antique bench re-upholstery project

I purchased this bench from an antique shop a while back and wanted to give it a facelift in the worst way for the longest time.  It was one of those, “Oh, I’ll get to it when I have time” projects.  So finally, I made some time for it.

bench before

I knew it would live in our dining room so I wanted to pick a fabric that matched the rest of the room but wasn’t too matchy-matchy.  I chose a grey, white and yellow waverly fabric and an HGTV yellow trim to match.


The seats of the bench were in really bad shape so I measured out some wood and used a saw to cut new ones.  After the wood was cut I measured out foam and batting to go on top of the seat for a nice cushion.  Then, I cut my fabric about an inch larger than I needed to on all the various sides and used my staple gun to staple everything in place.  Note: I pulled everything really tightly when I was stapling in so there would be a nice smooth finish on the fabric.


Once the fabric was secured, I trimmed the edges of the fabric as close to the staples as I could get.  Lastly, I added the yellow trimming to cover the edges with fabri-tac, a permanent adhesive for fabric.


Now this bench is as good as new and is enjoying its new spot in our dining room!

Do you have questions on the upholstery process? Just ask!

4 thoughts on “Antique bench re-upholstery project

  1. Melissa Holmes says:

    How much does this bench value at ?… If you don’t mind me asking…. I have one also..great job … I think I’ll restore mine… Thank you Melissa

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    • Jackie Hausler of haus2home says:

      Hi Melissa! I have seen similar ones at my local antique shops that are restored going for about $125 but I think it depends on what area you live in. I’d love to see your finished product when you’re done! Thanks for visiting. 🙂


  2. Barbara Archibewue says:

    I have the exact same bench. Do you know how old it is? My seat has cane and is quite sturdy.i am however going to make cushions. But I sure would like to know more about the bench (age,maker) if you have this information could you let me know please via email? thank you! Barbara


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