Corner Shelf Re-do

This piece was a good old fashioned roadside find.  I had been looking for something to the add to the corner of my reading nook and this was perfect.   

So, to get started with the refinish, I took it outside and took all the hardware and doors off.

Then I gave it a good sand. Knowing I wanted to paint and not stain it, I just needed to rough it up enough for the paint to stick. Once I was finished with the sanding, I wiped it down with a rag to get rid of all the sand particles.

I also decided to switch up the hardware color from black to brown to match the rest of the room decor.  This spray paint did just the trick!


My husband also helped me make the shelf a little more sturdy by adding additional nails and securing the existing ones to the back.

Once all the prep work was finished, the painting fun began!

Don’t judge my mismatched outfit…its painting gear! 😉

A couple more coats…


Now it’s looking better than ever!

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