Friendsgiving Decor

Some of our best of friends are coming into town to Buffalo from Florida and Rochester and we decided to host a Friendsgiving feast in their honor!  In addition to us being SUPER excited to spend time with them, this also means two things:

1- I get to go onto Pinterest and find yummy recipes to make.

2-(More importantly,) I get to come up with a new tablescape and setting idea! Hence, #2, is the basis of this blog post.

As I was getting started on my table decor, I decided I wanted it to be elegant, gold and inexpensive.

I started by collecting leaves from my backyard – both inexpensive and festive.  I brought them inside and put paper wights on them so that they would dry as flat as possible.  Once they were dry and crispy, I set them out on some cardboard and spray painted them with my favorite Krylon gold metallic paint!


The color turned out great and everything dried really fast! Then, I used a bottle of cream craft paint and a paintbrush to freehand all our guests names’ on the leaves for their respective place settings. I used the extra leaves for the middle of the table along the table runner.

I also wanted to do something to fancy up the napkin situation.  I put the cloth napkins in some simple gold napkin rings and then, for a little pizzazz, I added some floral beads by folding the wire in half and threading the end through the hole of the napkin ring to lay ontop.


Next, I moved onto finishing the tablescape.  I took some of the pumpkins from my front porch fall display, found some pine cones and guess what? Spray painted them all gold with my Krylon paint!

Finally, I layered all the pieces (leaves, pumpkins, candles, etc.) onto a burlap and gold sparkly table runner. I hope you enjoy the finished look!


Questions? Comments?  Leave them below!  And as always, remember to reclaim, reuse and upcycle! Happy Thanksgiving!

❤ Jackie

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