Guys. CHRISTMAS IS COMING!  Christmas is the best time of the year, no doubt.  Not only is it filled with the spirit of giving, fun celebrations, good food (COOKIES!), friends and family fun, but most importantly, celebrating the birth of Jesus!

In honor of that and so much more love to spread around, I’m hosting a “CHRISTMAS IS COMING sale!”  It goes like this. I’m giving 10% off of everything that is listed in this very post right NOW until midnight on Monday, November 30.  If you are interested in purchasing something, leave a comment below with your email address, or email me directly at

Happy shopping!


Chevron rocker chair and shelf.

Set $60 $54
Chair $35 $31.50
Shelf $25 $22.50


Small bench $42  $37.80

Dimensions: 24 inches wide x 25 inches tall (18 inches from the floor to the seat)  Made in Buffalo (original stamp underneath the seat)


finished entryway_final

Children’s Chair Set $15 $13.50

Mini footstool reupholstered with aztec inspired fabric! $25 $22.50

Home Decor

Merry Christmas Sign $5 $4.50

Cork Frame $10 $9

Mason Jar Decor $8 $7.20 each (available)

mason in progess 3

Burlap and button decor (pink available) $6 $5.40

Reclaimed Wood with Anthropologie Knobs Jewelry/Accessory holder $30 $27

Handpainted “Buffalove” sign $22 $19.80


Yellow Chicken Wire Jewelry Frame $8 $7.20

Blue Chicken Wire Jewelry Frame $12 $10.80

Green Chicken Wire Jewelry Frame $12 $10.80
Burlap heart decor (pink available) $6 $5.40


$35 $31.50


$24  $21.60

Purple Wreath $25  $22.50

Burlap and Silver Chevron Ribbon Wreath $24  $21.60

Sunflower Wreath $25  $22.50

Silver Christmas Wreath $38 $34.20

Blue Christmas Wreath $38 $34.20

Small Green Sparkle Wreath $20 $18

Small Silver and Green Metallic Wreath $19 $17.10

Burlap Chevron Print Heart Wreath $20 $18

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