I MADE A DOG HOUSE! Yes, its true.  And even better than that, I’m going to how I made it so you can make one too!

For this project you will need

  • lots of pallets (LOTS!)
  • (3-4) 2 x 4 x 8
  • wood screws
  • roofing shingles (Thank you to my friends at Blue Ox Roofing for their donation!)
  • roofing nails
  • roofing paper
  • roofing adhesive

Start by dissembling your pallets.  I have a laid out a quick and easy way of doing that for you here.

Once you have your pallets ready, you can start constructing your frame with your 2 x 4’s.  I made this house on the large side since I didn’t know what dog would end up enjoying this. To make the frame, I simply pre-drilled holes and screwed 4 2×4’s into the sides of the base pallet. Once the four walls were up, it was time to add the roof frame by cutting 2x 4’s on a 45 degree angle so that they easily pitch the roof and make a clean fit.

I started this mid-way, but you can add the pallets to the walls of the frame and roof whenever is convenient for you.  Just measure and cut the wood to size.   Pre-drilling the holes and using screws, attach the pallet wood on three sides and the roof, leaving the front open.

After the pallet wood was applied, I used roofing paper, roofing shingles and roofing nails to make sure the pup enjoying this palace will be properly covered. For the areas that needed extra protection to make sure the shingles stayed on, I added some roofing adhesive.

Finally, I gave the entire structure a good sand and added a decorative dog bone to the front door.  And there you have it!  A dog pallet palace!

The beautiful and wonderful Abbey was selfless enough to model it for us. (Yes, treats were involved. 🙂

Questions or comments? Leave them below! And remember, to reclaim, reuse and upcycle!


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Posted by:Jackie Hausler of haus2home

Jackie Hausler seeks to inspire creativity in the name of reclaiming, reusing and upcycling. With each project, she walks followers through do-it-yourself projects, shows how to give old items a new chance at life, and teaches ways to be eco-friendly and live a green lifestyle. She believes making your house a home doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful, and is passionate about accomplishing that while being kind to our earth. Jackie is the founder of the home and lifestyle blog haus2home.com.

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