Cricut Made Birthday Card

My friend’s son turned one this week and this weekend was his first birthday party! It was so adorable and he totally loved smashing his birthday cake. Happy first birthday, Finley!

I didn’t have a birthday card on hand, but I DID have a bunch of fun card stock that I recently bought from JoAnn Fabrics during a sale, so I decided to make him a birthday card using my Cricut!

To make this card I used:

To start, I went on the app and looked for designs I liked.  There was one that said, “have your cake and eat it too.”  I thought it was appropriate since first birthdays are notorious for cake smashing. 🙂

After I downloaded the design to my app, I got my Cricut machine ready for cutting.  First, I put the card stock on the mat and inserted it into the machine. Then I adjusted the dial (on the right of the machine) to the card stock setting and pressed go!


The design took about a minute and a half to cut.  There were a lot more elements than the words that were available with the design download, but I wanted to keep it simple so I simply just had the words cut. Once the design was finished cutting, I used my weeding tool to remove the excess paper and get it all set for application.  Then, using a glue stick, I attached the blue letters to the white card stock.


That’s it! It’s really that simple! This was fun, speedy and very easy to make. Questions or comments? Just ask!


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