The Winter Olympics have been so much fun to watch this year! What made it even better was being able to participate in the games and feel like an Olympian too, that’s a pretty stellar bonus.  In this post, I’m going to show you how to host the best-ever winter Olympic games party, fun for the whole family.

My family threw a Winter Olympics Party with all the fixings but the first thing you must know before I go any further is that my family is not normal. You could even say we get a little extra when it comes to throwing themed parties. But hey, any excuse to throw a party is a good excuse to throw a party. AmIRightOrAmIRight?

I think my favorite part about the whole party was that it was all DIY, home-made, re-used or reclaimed items to pull everything off.

So here we go! Here’s how we hosted the most hilariously fun Olympic party ever!

Picking a Country 

To really pull this thing off in the best way possible, its wise to have everyone pick a country ahead of time.  We set up a Facebook group so everyone could communicate about what countries everyone planned on representing. Participants could enter the Olympics solo or as a team of two. Dressing the part with the appropriate colors, flags and flare is always a great and festive choice!

Each country was responsible for bringing a dish to pass that was “from” their country for the after party. For example, Tom and I decided to enter as a team Switzerland so we brought Swiss fondue. Team Canada brought Labatt Blue haha!

winter-olympics-family-party-haus2home (19).jpg

Opening Ceremony

Kick-off your Olympic games in an appropriately Olympic-themed way, with the torch! A bonfire to keep everyone warm!

winter-olympics-family-party-haus2home (51)

Let the Games Begin

We picked out and planned a variety of games to replicate or recreate in different ways so that everyone had a chance to feel like a “professional” athlete for a day. Here were my favorites:


Curling was a table top event.  Ice cubes  with paperclips in them for the handles served as the curling “stones” and paint brushed served as the brooms.

winter-olympics-family-party-haus2home (52)


The biathlon course took players around the swing set, to the tree, and over to the finish line.  Players had to have their legs tied together with bungee to make the running process a little bit more difficult and they used Nerf guns to shoot at each target. If they didn’t hit the target after three shots, they had to take a penalty lap and continue to the next spot. Here’s a look at the course!

winter-olympics-family-party-haus2home (21)


The luge involved players running up to their saucers, sliding down the hill, and running to the finish line.  There were a lot of diving finishes for this particular game. It was a blast!


Each game had a certain amount of max points assigned to it. We kept track on a master scoreboard so all the contestants could see their progress and keep tabs on who was in the lead!

winter-olympics-family-party-haus2home (33)

Go for gold!

After all the games were played, the scores were tallied and the (dollar-store) medals were presented! Don’t worry – kids and adults were in two separate categories so it was fair.

Team Switzerland took the gold for the adults! Woohoo!

winter-olympics-family-party-haus2home (11)

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