$3 Trader Joe’s Eucalyptus for the Floral Crown Win

Floral crowns are a trend I’m fully embracing with open arms.  The first floral crown I fell in love with was at my dear friend Molly’s Adirondack wedding. I was a bridesmaid in the wedding and was lucky enough to witness her mom’s floral wizardry skills. She arranged all the flowers, including Molly’s floral crown – it was so beautiful and magical. By the way, if you’re in the Rochester, NY area and are looking for a florist for an event, Noreen HAS to be your girl.  She’s absolutely phenomenal.  I mean, just see for yourself and you can follow her on Instagram at @blacktupelofloral.


Photo: Shaw Photgraphy Co.


Photo: Shaw Photgraphy Co.

So,I planned to have family photos taken at a time after our little baby Willow was out of the newborn stage and a little more alert, but before the weather turned crummy.  I found fancy outfits for the whole family, and booked the photography date for the first week in September. All that was left to do was to make a DIY floral crown.

For the flowers, I went to one of my favorite stores on the planet, Trader Joes! They have an unbelievable floral section that is so reasonably priced. Sometimes I go on a rainy day and pick up some florals just to brighten up the house. (Side note: when I was pregnant with Willow at the end of my third trimester my Trader Joe’s cashier went and ran over and gave me a bouquet on the house.  I think he could see in my face I needed a pick-me-up. This momma was TIRED and so uncomfortable. Thanks for saving the day Trader Joe’s! Anywho, I digress.) I picked up a bunch of eucalyptus for $3. Yes, $3! And I was on my way to making a floral crown.

If you’re going to making your own, you’ll need:

  • floral wire and floral tape
  • wire cutters
  • eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s (or whatever flowers you’re interested in wearing)

Start by unwinding a decent amount of floral wire and measuring it around your head and cut it to length with a bit of extra room to spare.Wrap the end of the wire around the crown, but don’t worry about being too precise with this part because you’re going to cover it all up with the next step.

Next, wrap the entire crown with floral tape. Be sure to overlap the tape so it sticks to itself!

Then, group your florals together in bunches and wrap floral tape around the base of each bunch onto the crown.  You’ll want to keep testing out the crown on your head to see if you like how its coming along while making any minor adjustments.

That’s it! Here’s a look at my floral crown from our family photo session.




Family photos are just one of those things that will never be a waste of time, energy or money.  Capturing precious moments in time to remember for all of your days is such a special thing.  Special thanks to Emily from Tailor Mayde Photography for helping make our family photo shoot a reality!

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