All Roads to Unique, Witty, and Handmade Treasures Lead to ShopCraft

Every year the holidays roll around and I’m immediately in search of the best gifts to give and the most unique items to dress up our house with.  From Friendsgiving to Christmas, I always love to shop local and find new items to make each moment feel a little merrier, brighter and festive- both to give and to keep.

Luckily, this year I found ShopCraft and it has answered all my gift-giving and home decor needs.  Not only does ShopCraft feature and sell the work of 17 local talented artists, but it also is committed to minimizing their environmental footprint… really tugging at my eco-friendly heartstrings!

Located at 719 Elmwood Ave, in one of Buffalo’s most bustling villages, “The Shop in the Back” is filled with treasures that you won’t find anywhere else. And when you meet the woman behind ShopCraft’s magic, Christa, you’ll instantly be filled with with Buffalove. Real Buffalove.  The inspiring kind that makes you want to come back to ShopCraft more and more to shop local like its your middle name.

I took the opportunity during my most recent trip to ShopCraft to stock up on so many pretty things, I just had to share all the love with you.  Be prepared to feast (punn intended!) your eyes on all these ShopCraft finds. This is just a taste of everything they have to offer so, be sure to stop over to the shop real soon! Small business Saturday anyone?!


Pottery by Darcie Rosinski of Pots by DJR








Decorative book by Heather Cook of LitARTure





Nicole Cooke of Type & Resolution

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