Its true. The most magical lavender farm is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Buffalo, NY. A drive to the country and you’ve found yourself nestled within the Niagara Wine Trail in an oasis so calming, you will never want to leave.

I had the pleasure of attending a baby shower at the Kin Loch Farmstead in Cambria, NY for one of my dearest friends. She asked me if I could take pictures to capture the memories for her, but I don’t think I was fully prepared for the swoon-worthy setting that was waiting. Scratch that…I definitely wasn’t ready.

Upon arriving at the 30 acre farm, the 2,000 lavender plants are on display, planted in perfect rows in the sandy soil they are meant to thrive in. It reminded me of my trip to France and instantly got the warm and fuzzies. (BTW, remember that time I packed for two weeks to Europe in a carry on bag? LOONEY!)

Traveling down the driveway while sticking your head out the window in an attempt to see and smell the lavender, you’ll find yourself feasting your eyes on the most magical barn you ever did see. It’s a 50’ x 60’ monitor-style barn built to make you wish you owned a tribe of goats to live in it…or is that just me? Okay, maybe I’ll just leave a little note in the suggestion box for goat yoga. 😉

The Kin Loch farmstead barn has the most awesome custom navy sliding doors, wood so fresh you can smell the sap, and string lights to accompany the easy-going vibe the whole farm gives off. There’s even a bar and modern-style restrooms inside, making it perfect for any occasion. Literally perfect. See for yourself.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, there’s even a pond and a flower garden on the property. If you’re reading this feeling like the farmstead is what you would see in a movie, I’m here to tell you that you’re 100% picturing it correctly.

Although the barn speaks for itself and doesn’t need any decor because its SO DANG BEAUTIFUL, having flowers to decorate the inside is absolutely gorgeous too, and cannot go without mention. I mean…

Although the u-pick lavender is closed for the season, I’m already looking forward to next year. Why? Next year there will be two weeks of u-pick, plus lavender infused food, DIY stations and more. The exact weekends are always to-be-determined (since it is really up to mother nature!) but if you subscribe to the Kin Loch Farmstead newsletter on their website, then you’ll be the first ones to know the exact dates.

Another fun fact I learned about the farm is that they also host classes like flower arranging, fabric dying, wine tasting, wreath making! Some of which are taught by the talented flower farmer and florist, Fran DePalma. You can see a list of classes and sign up here!

Because I was in such awe after visiting the farmstead, I decided to partner with the lovely owners for a giveaway! Here’s the deal. We’re running an Instagram contest and its super easy to enter. Simply: follow haus2home and the Kin Loch Farmstead on Instagram and tag three friends in the comments section of the giveaway posts on either (or both!) accounts. That’s it! The prizes include: an adorable Kin Loch Farmstead “Save the Bees” shirt AND a free pass for to attend a Kin Loch Farmstead workshop!

Thank you to Kin Loch Farmstead for a magically beautiful day! Congratulations Elise and John! <3

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