We bought a house! The catch is, we’re not moving in.

We’re actually taking on new roles over here and we’re affectionately calling them, “Lord and Lady of the Land”. Okay, okay. Nicknames and all jokes aside, if you follow along with us on Instagram, you know that we purchased a rental property! Yes, it’s the real deal. Here she is! We’re officially landlords.

Buying a rental property and becoming landlords are goals we’ve had for a while now, even before baby Hausler was in the picture! (We even went to a showing a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant!) But there always seemed to be an obstacle holding us back from getting started in real estate investing; mostly timing, money and inventory. Imagine that.

We finally found a good fit for our first rental property and we couldn’t be happier about taking the plunge. It’s a duplex with upper and lower apartments; the lower apartment has three beds and one bath, while the upper apartment has two beds and one bath. It’s a really cute property.

As we continue on sharing about this property and our real estate journey, the content on haus2home.com and our social media channels (@haus2home) you can expect to see will include: even more DIY projects, renovations, future properties and maybe even some jokes sprinkled in there.

We’re so excited about all we’ll be able to learn and the doors it will open for our financial freedom. We’re so happy to have you follow along!

Questions or comments? I would love to hear from you!


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Posted by:Jackie Hausler of haus2home

Jackie Hausler seeks to inspire creativity in the name of reclaiming, reusing and upcycling. With each project, she walks followers through do-it-yourself projects, shows how to give old items a new chance at life, and teaches ways to be eco-friendly and live a green lifestyle. She believes making your house a home doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful, and is passionate about accomplishing that while being kind to our earth. Jackie is the founder of the home and lifestyle blog haus2home.com.

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