The Swan House – the house we bought and are in the process of renovating – got it’s name from the bathroom. A picture is more appropriate to share than an explanation for you to get the full idea of what’s happening there. Be prepared to be wowed…

Those swan doors are nothing short of special whether you love them or hate them. I can tell you with confidence that they are 100 percent not staying put. We initially thought we could spruce up the bathroom by making some cosmetic updates, but after a closer inspection of the plumbing in the shower and some water damage, we decided a full gut job was in order. Gutting the bathroom won’t come without it’s challenges, but this way we’ll know when it’s complete, it was done the right way.

Now that you have seen the full “tour” of the bathroom, let’s talk a little about small bathrooms for a hot second. In my opinion, small bathrooms are underrated in certain ways. We’ve lived with a small bathroom in our current house (pictured below) for 10 years and really enjoy the fact that it is easy and quick to clean and super warm and cozy to shower in! It’s also a breeze to keep tidy because everything has it’s own place. We renovated ours and if you ask me, it’s pretty dreamy.

The bathroom at the Swan House has a very similar footprint and layout to our own, so we know what we’re getting into with this renovation. I had a few different designs I was deciding on and my lovely friends on Instagram helped vote on their favorite! My followers even offered suggestions that switched the final design and I’m really happy with what we came up with as a team.

What do you think? Can you see how the vision will come to life!? I think the contrast of the white tile in the shower with the black tile on the floor will look really sharp. We’re going to keep things light with the walls and the vanity while we coordinate with black matte fixtures.

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Posted by:Jackie Hausler of haus2home

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