I came across this old window that someone put out for trash, yes trash, and I knew it could really be something special.  So, I decided that I would make it into an end table.  We also had the pleasure of working with our awesome friends over at Valu Home Centers to make a video through the process of this project while discussing our love of upcycling.  Take a few minutes to watch!

So, without further introduction, here is a step-by-step how to make your own upcycled window endtable.

Here are some of the tools I used. 

For this project you will also need:

  • 2×4 wood
  • plywood
  • hinges and handle
  • wood for staining (bottom of table)
  • table legs
  • table leg hardware
  • saw
  • hammer
  • measuring tape
  • sanding block/paper
  • metal scraper
  • screwdriver


The first step involves measuring the window to see what the measurements for the 2×4 base need to be.  Once you have all your measurements set, cut the wood and screw together.

You will want to sand the edges from cutting the wood so they are nice and smooth.

Next up: window clean up. I used a scraper tool to get all the old excess paint off the surface.

Then, I sanded everything down and removed the hardware.

The last step for the window frame was to clean up some of the paint.

Once the base of the table and window were set, it was time to move onto the legs!  If you have legs with hardware already on them, that is easiest (and then you can save yourself from reading the next couple of steps.)  However, if you don’t I will show you how to add the hardware.

I started by painting them white (as well as the base since I was using the same color.)

Using these pieces of hardware made for wood, I added them to my legs.  These will eventually screw into brackets I put on the bottom of the table (see below in post.)

Using a drill bit (a size down) I drilled a hole into the top of the leg.  It’s important in this step to be sure you are drilling completely straight, or the legs will end up sitting crooked.

Then I moved onto completing the base of the table.  I cut two different pieces of wood the same size for this step.  The first was a thin piece that had a nicer finish for staining, and the second piece was a regular plywood to make everything a bit sturdier.


Once everything was stained and screwed in, this is the base.

Then, I added the rest of the hardware for the legs simply by screwing them into the bottom of the base.

Ta da! We have legs!

The final step is adding the rest of the hardware onto the table.  The large hinges allow the window portion to open for storing all your favorite things.


Time to enjoy the masterpiece!


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And remember to always reclaim, reuse and upcycle!

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