FTC disclosure: Krylon paint provided the materials for this post. The opinions I shared about using the discussed materials are my own.

For this project, Krylon asked me to prepare Ornaments for their display at the Craft and Hobby Association booth at the national show taking place this past week! The goal was to take clear glass ornaments, and using their looking glass silver spray in addition to 4 different accent colors, achieve an ombre look.

photo credit: Craft & Hobby Association

In this post, I’ll take you through every step of the way.  If you are recreating this project, you will need:

After you have gathered your supplies, the first step is to remove the ornament hook from the top of the glass ornaments.

Then, you will want to start with the looking glass paint to spray the ornaments.  Make sure you are applying the paint with very thin layers and allowing the paint to dry in between coats.  Since the surface of the ornament is round, be sure that you are spraying far enough away to avoid any dripping that close contact creates.

Note: In this photo I have the ornaments flat on the surface, but not all the tops of the glass ornaments are always completely flat.  Using egg cartons for stabilization works really well: see photo later in post.

Once the bottoms of the ornaments were completely dry (I would recommend at least an hour or two before handling them), I inserted the ornament hooks back into the top of the glass ornaments and covered the metal in painters tape.  This allowed me to hang the ornaments in order to achieve the same looking glass application for the top of the ornament without having to handle them. I know, it looks a little silly but it does the trick!

Once all the ornaments were covered with an even layer of the looking glass paint, it was time to start creating the ombre effect using the accent colors.

The accent colors I used were:

Since I wanted the bottom of the ornaments to have the ombre effect, I placed them in egg cartons and sprayed light, thin, even coats.

Each coat allowed the accent paint color to be richer and richer, maximizing the color contrast of the looking glass paint.

Tip: Spray directly over top of the ornament so that the sides are not sprayed directly.  This will help achieve the ombre effect.

Finally, I let everything dry completely before handling.

We had a great time experimenting and testing these products!  They were fun to use and resulted in amazing DIY ornaments.

And now, for you to see the finished products!

Looking glass with silver
looking glass with gold
looking glass with copper


looking glass with red

What do you think?  Leave your comments below!

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