Who is excited for Thanksgiving? This is the cue for everyone put hands in the air! I mean thanksgiving really IS the best, right? Family, friends, food…the food…oh, and the food. 😉

Speaking of Thanksgiving food, I’m sharing my secrets to the appetizer I’m bringing to my parents house.  I started bringing this as a dish to pass at parties a few years ago and I love it a little more each and every time. First and foremost its delicious, but it also looks super fancy even though its inexpensive and easy to make. Bonus!

Here is what you’ll need to make this appetizer (assemble in this order):

  • sliced french baguette
  • sliced apple
  • cubed brie cheese
  • walnuts
  • honey

I’m telling you that this dish is addicting and will have  your Uncle Joe coming back for seconds (and thirds!)

Now that we have that deliciousness covered, I’d like to let you in on my favorite part of decorating for any holiday; the dining room tablescape and table setting. In my opinion its the quickest, easiest and most fun way to decorate for the holiday.

For each setting, I love to start with a charger and then add a dinner plate, and a salad plate flanked by the silverware on either side.  Vintage napkin rings holding (reusable!) cloth napkins with a touch of fall with golden sprigs completes the look. Of course, a water and wine glass are essential.

Add some fall florals and candlesticks to up the fancy up the scene. Oh, and may I add that a Luminara flameless candle (pine cone candle pictured) does just the trick to finish off the look for a kid-friendly atmosphere?

Even the dog will be wowed with what you’ve done with the place…

And last  but not certainly not least! I LOVE using my sideboard for all the overflow of dishes to pass, coffee mugs, dessert plates, and all the other essentials.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for you! <3

Questions or comments? Leave them below! And remember, to reclaim, reuse and upcycle!


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Posted by:Jackie Hausler of haus2home

Jackie Hausler seeks to inspire creativity in the name of reclaiming, reusing and upcycling. With each project, she walks followers through do-it-yourself projects, shows how to give old items a new chance at life, and teaches ways to be eco-friendly and live a green lifestyle. She believes making your house a home doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful, and is passionate about accomplishing that while being kind to our earth. Jackie is the founder of the home and lifestyle blog haus2home.com.

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