What a wonderful year it has been.  Thank you so much to everyone who made it such an amazing year – yes, you!   Although there were many memorable moments in 2017, I’m recapping my best 9.


1: Being featured by the University at Buffalo for my ecofriendly passion through haus2home ♻️ Thank you to my awesome friends at University Communications and the Center for Fine Arts for putting together such an amazing article and video!

2: Traveling to New York to see my idol, Sara Barielles star in Waitress the Musical. 🍰 It was PHENOMENAL – go see it!

3: Making a bomb ass table from scratch for my third year participating in the Buffalo Restore Find and flip fundraiser. ⚙️

4: Going to Disneyland for the first time ever for a social media conference and meeting the one and only Adam Sandler. I’m pretty sure were BFFs now. 📸

5: Being asked to come to the Buffalo Homeshow to put on DIY sessions and speak on the main stage! 🎤 I’m doing this again in March 2018 – check it out!

6: Participating in the Habitat for Humanity of Buffalo women’s build week! 💪🏼

7: Frolicking in Europe for two weeks with friends getting inspired by the culture and architecture. 🏛

8: Finding out were adding a +1 to the Hausler family. 👶🏼

9: Partnering with my friends at LifeStorage on some awesome posts for their blog.


Thank you again to everyone who made 2017 an absolute blast. Looking forward to all of what 2018 has to offer!

Remember, to reclaim, reuse and upcycle!


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Posted by:Jackie Hausler of haus2home

Jackie Hausler seeks to inspire creativity in the name of reclaiming, reusing and upcycling. With each project, she walks followers through do-it-yourself projects, shows how to give old items a new chance at life, and teaches ways to be eco-friendly and live a green lifestyle. She believes making your house a home doesn't have to be expensive to be beautiful, and is passionate about accomplishing that while being kind to our earth. Jackie is the founder of the home and lifestyle blog haus2home.com.

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